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Drivosity was founded in 2014 as a reply to a simple question: How can technology address the growing importance placed on driver safety in the delivery industry? We also endeavor to help with the rising costs associated with employing those drivers. Our answer can be found in our three key principles

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Inspire Safer Driving Behavior

Tracking driver safety is the number one concern for Drivosity. But tracking habits in a quantitative, consistent, accurate way is not enough. We’ll inspire your fleet to compete up for safer DriveScores®. Let us help you make delivery safety an everyday conversation.

Inspire Driver Productivity

Not only do we want your fleet to be safe, but we want them efficient. Because Drivosity is integrated with GoogleMaps and can catalog inactivity, we’ll show you everywhere your employees stop and for how long. If you want more detail you can switch to satellite view and see an overhead Google image.

Enhance Wage and Hour Compliance

Our tracking is extremely accurate. We'll show you everywhere your fleet goes and where they stop. Drivosity also tracks how long drivers are on the road and how many miles they drive.This allows us to display accurate records of how many miles drivers logged, and on what date and time.

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