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At Drivosity, we want to help inspire safer driving behavior but it isn’t all we focus on. In addition, we can also help save you money on driver efficiency and productivity.

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Increase Productivity
Know where your employees are at all times.
Get Increased Visibility On Unnecessary Stops.
Cut down on time spent at each stop.
Confirm your employees are arriving to the client on-time.
Get each instance where drivers are stopped for longer than 5 minutes on our Extended Stop WatchList.
Drivers Give Themselves a Raise
Use Less Gas
We’ve learned that safer driving leads to better gas mileage. Drivers who don’t overuse their brakes, gun accelerations, or drive at erratic speeds can see drastic fuel savings.
Lessen Wear & Tear
An added benefit of being a safer driver is getting more longevity out of your vehicle. Brakes and tires wear slower, transmission issues happen with less frequency, along with a whole range of other benefits to the vehicle.
Reduce Accidents
The major liability with professional drivers is the risk of an accident. It can be very expensive to get in a wreck, but those costs are not only detrimental to the employer, but also for the employee.
Enhance Your Customer Service
Quote Accurately
Quickly Address Complaints
Brag About Your Safety
If your client calls for an update on an unexpected delay, we want you to be able to help them as efficiently as possible. Drivosity will show you the exact location of your entire fleet so you can quote your clients quickly and accurately.
One great benefit of tracking driver safety and live location is that sometimes your clients will call those things in to question. No matter where or when the concerns comes in, you’ll have the records to check.
Making an investment in Drivosity means making an investment in driver safety. We think that investment helps to make your community a safer place; the experiences of our clients bare that out. If your company goes out of their way to value driver safety, you should let your community know!
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