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Drivosity provides direct and insightful feedback on your delivery force. We’ll display your fleet’s live location during daily operation, as well as tracking driver safety habits over time.

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Inspire Safer Driving Behavior
Live Tracking
The Driver Inspire Display will show live fleet location, up to the minute traffic patterns, how many units in the fleet are still at the home base, as well as the Drivosity DriveScore®.
DriveScore® is a quantitative method for describing driver safety. Each trip starts with a score of 100. There are four simple driving habits that result in deductions:

  • Speeding
  • Hard Braking
  • Hard Acceleration
  • Hard Cornering
Trip Review
Once a driver returns to the store, a trip will be created. This report will show you where members of your fleet stopped, the route they took, and where points were lost on their DriveScore®.
In-Depth Reporting Features
Report Types
The Drivosity reporting options are rich and flexible. Reports can be run for custom time periods, and are sortable by category. Each report can be exported as an Excel file or printed.
Every time a driver leaves the home base, a DriveScore® will be generated. These scores will average together and can be viewed at many different levels of aggregation. This report can show, over a custom time period, which drivers are inspiring safer driving behavior.
Run a report that shows which driving habits are being broken, and by whom. The incident report is a great feedback tool for drivers to tell them which of our four habits they break the most often. This report also allows drivers who excel at different habits to be recognized for their safety.
Drivosity logs hours on the road and at the home base. This allows us to display labor statistics that over time can help to give business owners an idea of driver efficiency.
Hyper Accurate Speed Limits
Drivosity works best with maximum buy-in from your whole team. Drivers work best when they understand how they're scored, and more importantly, when they feel they're scored fairly. A significant piece of that trust is gained by having the most accurate speed limits we possibly can. Our speed limits go through four stages of advanced monitoring:
Existing Data From A Third Party
Hand Checked Limits
Periodic Audits After Your Location's Launch To Validate Deductions
Open Lines Of Communication With Our Customers For Update Requests
Organizational Structure

New services usually come with an added workload. Drivosity is always working hard to help ease that burden for customers by making our services as intuitive as possible.

In everything Drivosity does, our mission is always to exceed our customers’ expectations. With that in mind, our team is here to help with any questions that you may have.
Live Training

Early adoption and understanding help our program succeed. Complimentary remote live-training is offered to our customers. We’ll schedule a one-hour training session with a rich introduction to our platform before your location’s go-live date.
In-House Development

All Drivosity software development happens in-house. We take every suggestion for platform improvements seriously and any changes we make are handled by Drivosity employees.
Organizational Levels
Drivosity provides feedback on driver behavior that is relevant to multiple levels of your business. Drivosity has built its services so that different organizational levels’ needs can be addressed.
Custom Branded Dashboard
The traditional Drivosity platform has a very sleek and aesthetic appeal. We can, however, build a custom dashboard around your business. Drivosity can display your brand, as well as customize color schemes to give you a look that pops and makes the system your own.
Unlimited Users
We sell by the device, so the amount of users you create is up to you.
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