Drivosity Delivers GPS-Based Tracking, Safety, And Productivity Solutions For The Top Players In The Food Delivery Industry

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Below is our recent interview with Brian Moroney, Chief Executive Officer at Drivosity:

Q: Can you tell us something more about the company and what you do?

A: Drivosity provides GPS-based tracking, safety, and productivity solutions for the top players in the food delivery industry. We gamify safe driving, allowing an increased level of participation within sectors where driver turnover may be prevalent, while providing the transparency to increase productivity in operations. Our technology advances safety with a platform that allows users to pin-point a vehicle’s location while presenting an updated log of vehicle and driver information, such as drivers’ speed, location, and behaviors. Drivosity’s solutions have been proven to increase business efficiency and overall road safety for all drivers. We are fully committed to providing our customers with the best and most-reliable technology and will continue to innovate and enhance our solution to ensure bigger and better results.

Q: What’s your story? How did you start?

A: Drivosity initially started as a solution to a problem – counteracting the dramatically rising costs of food delivery operations and protecting the “American Dream” of small business owners. Our team leverages decades of combined experience in technology and last mile delivery to provide solutions to manage these risks while extending solutions to better manage customer service times, customer transparency and engagement, and team productivity.

We founded in 2015 with key players in technology and food delivery industries, seeking to bridge the gap between technology used for fleet management and what is cost effective for food delivery. Combine tight profit margins with rising insurance premiums, and food delivery was becoming an industry fast left behind by technology. We sought to change that, making an effective solution that is accessible to consumers. This was all while providing one of the most comprehensive solutions that is lightweight enough to be manageable, while powerful enough to solve several problems that businesses face on a daily basis.

Q: How are you different from other telematics/fleet tracking companies? Tell us about your culture?

A: Our drive towards empowerment is the heart of this company. We strive to make it a part of everything we do- the solutions we design, the culture we create with our team, and even how we plan ongoing growth as a company. Drivosity empowers drivers with quantified scores on their performance so that they can leverage that feedback to continuously self-improve, compete with other drivers, and receive recognition for deliveries that aren’t only fast, but also safe. This empowerment stretches to the businesses themselves, providing knowledge of how their drivers are performing, allowing them to leverage more aggressive insurance premiums and increase overall operations productivity.

As part of our social responsibility and commitment to empowerment, we continue to grow with intentionality, targeting the smaller communities of Clermont, FL and Tetovo, North Macedonia for key office locations and investment. Our belief is that by developing local talent and partnerships, we can invigorate these areas with entrepreneurial drive that empowers healthy communities.

Q: What types of solutions do you provide to your clients?

A: Our core solution provides transparency as to what, when, and how drivers are completing their delivery routes. Drivosity also empowers drivers with quantitative scoring on how safely they are driving, resulting in reduced auto-related accidents and costs. We also provide solutions that integrate with point of sale systems that provide an uber-like experience to the customers of food delivery establishments, and productivity dashboards to manage To-the-Door times. Franchisees and operators that have implemented Drivosity report reduced wait-times, increased customer satisfaction, and improved business operations. Our driver app helps drivers validate the orders before leaving the store and routes them hands free to delivery locations.


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