Delivering Great Drivers: How Drivosity Is Harnessing Technology To Improve The Customer Experience By Changing The Face Of Last-Mile Delivery

Posted by Drivosity

“Delivering great drivers”. With a tagline like this, telematics software company Drivosity, with locations in the USA, Macedonia, and Serbia, is a hi-tech company that is breaking ground through technology to be at the forefront of improving today’s at-home customer delivery experience. Technology has no benefit if it does not satisfy a useful purpose, and in this case it is quite simple: improving the at-home customer’s experience in last-mile delivery, while creating the safest, most productive drivers on the road.

Providing GPS-based tracking, safety, and productivity solutions for the top players in the last-mile delivery industry, Drivosity uses technology to gamify safe driving, and to back their ever-expanding productivity tracking metrics. Unlike so many fleet tracking systems which use technology to simply monitor employees, Drivosity broke into the scene in 2015 with a desire to use technology to change and engage how drivers look at driving as a whole. It dug its roots into the low-margin, high-volume, food delivery industry, and has only continued to grow and expand that platform to this day. And it’s not stopping there. By bringing affordable fleet tracking to the masses, the company has made a lasting imprint in the last-mile delivery game. While many companies see GPS technology as the “end all be all” solution in fleet management, Drivosity harnesses the power of its tech to illuminate and modify behavior to make roads safer, drivers more productive, and increase the amount of dollars to the bottom line for both delivery drivers and brands alike.

Last mile delivery- be it food, packages, or goods – is one of the most accessible jobs a person can get, from high schoolers looking to make a quick buck to tenured veterans who embody their brand- all you need is a vehicle and a desire to hustle. A love for driving doesn’t hurt either. It is also an industry ripe with change, legal messes, turnover, and competition. It is reported that, in food delivery specifically, there is 1 insurance claim for every 127k miles driven due to auto accidents. Drivosity’s use of its technology has been able to reduce that statistic to 1 insurance claim for every 500k miles. Tracking drivers doesn’t do that- but improving the underlying behavior of unsafe driving does. Drivosity cracked the code for what constitutes unsafe driving behavior, and their platform harnesses the power of technology to make it affordable and accessible to the masses of the delivery world…


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