Drivosity started out as a GPS tracking and safety solution for food delivery drivers. Today, Drivosity is the go-to GPS-based tracking system for leading food delivery brands. We have since expanded to provide tracking, safety, property protection, and productivity solutions to businesses with last mile delivery operations.

Our Story

Drivosity initially started as a solution to a problem–counteracting the dramatically rising costs of food delivery operations and protecting the “American Dream” of small business owners. In recent years, the rising cost of labor coupled with securing Hired Non-Owned Auto and Workers Compensation Insurance for delivery drivers have eroded already small margins in the food delivery industry. In some cases, one bad accident by a delivery driver has forced owners to close their business. Our team leverages decades of combined experience in technology and last mile delivery to provide solutions to manage these risks while extending solutions to better manage customer service times, customer transparency and engagement, and team productivity.

We also understand that delivery drivers serve as the face of the customer experience for business owners, making drivers one of the most valuable resources in the delivery industry. Drivosity empowers drivers with quantified scores on their performance so that they can leverage that feedback to continuously self-improve, compete with other drivers, and receive recognition for deliveries that aren’t only fast and efficient, but also safe.

We believe that our success in providing value to customers and partners can be measured on company growth and customer retention. Drivosity’s exponential growth and 100% customer retention validates our results. Also, as part of our social responsibility and commitment to empowerment, we continue to grow with intentionality, targeting the smaller communities of Clermont, FL and Tetovo, North Macedonia for key office locations and investment. Our belief is that by developing local talent and partnerships, we can invigorate these areas with entrepreneurial drive that empowers healthy communities.

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