Immediate Reduction in Auto Accidents and Claims

Empowering drivers with quantitative scores on their performance can yield immediate results. By the end of the first day of use, most customers see average DriveScore® improvements that can reduce the risk of an accident by as much as 450 times. After installing Drivosity, business owners report reductions in claims costs by as much as 50-90% when comparing pre-Drivosity loss run data to year-over-year data.

Insurance Savings

The Drivosity team understands the increasing challenges businesses face as they acquire commercial auto insurance and workers’ compensation coverage for their delivery fleet. Increased costs of claims and less competition in the insurance market are driving costs up, even for those with decent loss runs. Drivosity customers can receive premium reductions on auto insurance and workers’ compensation by as much as 40%, based on Drivosity’s proven results in loss prevention.  

In one case study, a multi-unit food delivery franchisee (over 50 units) realized a two-year savings of $550,000. After a tough year with two 7-figure claims, only a single insurance carrier was willing to provide them with a quote for coverage. Desperate to protect profitability, they implemented Drivosity and conducted store tours with six carriers to share their new culture of safety built around Drivosity analytics. The increased confidence among the carriers led them to competitively quote, and drove down insurance rates by $220,000 in the first year. At renewal, the franchisee continued to see additional premiums savings of $330,000 in spite of the rest of the delivery industry experiencing a 10% increase. Many Drivosity customers, like this franchisee, have found that Drivosity often pays for itself in just the insurance savings alone. 

Additional Benefits

Drivosity’s To-the-Door Dashboard provides insight into every stage of the delivery, from the point a customer submits an order, to the production time, driver prep time, drive time and to-the-door time with the customer. Consequently, more deliveries per hour translates into more sales, improved customer satisfaction and increased loyalty.

With Drivosity’s live GPS tracking tool, teams know exactly where drivers are, how many drivers are out doing deliveries and how many drivers are in the store. This helps managers ensure there are enough drivers to meet customers’ demands at all times, while helping to keep labor costs down. Also, logout reports provide support for wage and hour compliance by showing store time vs. drive time, GPS miles driven, and time on the clock.

Knowing where your drivers are at all times can be critical when medical emergencies arise. Drivosity’s Driver Inspire Display flags drivers who have been stopped for extended periods of time and the Find Me location sharing feature has helped save the lives of drivers who became incapable of calling for help because of medical conditions or armed robbery.

Criminals often view delivery drivers as easy targets for vehicle theft and robbery. Drivosity’s GPS technology has helped to recover stolen toppers and vehicles, and in one case even helped bust a chop shop.

Knowing drivers are out there doing the right thing by driving safely is priceless. Business owners regularly report peace of mind and sleeping better at night as a significant, less-monetizable benefit of Drivosity. Reduced auto incidents translate into less late night calls where a driver has been involved in an auto accident that resulted in substantial property damage, or worse, personal injuries.

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