Protecting and Empowering Drivers

Drivers are the most visible asset of a delivery business, and at Drivosity, we understand they are critical to operations. Helping drivers execute safer, faster and more efficient deliveries ensures that delivery-based businesses can continue to thrive, while also supporting a positive incentive culture for drivers. 

More Money in Your Pockets


Happy customers usually lead to better tips and increased satisfaction. By enabling customers to track delivery progress, customers can see if a driver is delayed by external factors like traffic, without the frustrating and tip-eroding activity of constantly calling the store for updates. This transparency also helps customers be ready to receive the delivery; reducing at-the-door time and ultimately helping drivers speed up delivery times.

More Deliveries, More Money in Your Pockets

Drivosity reduces service times to customers by helping management teams gain insight into every stage of the delivery–from the point customers submit the order, to the production time, driver prep time, drive time, and to-the-door time with the customer. With reduced service times, drivers can take on more more deliveries per hour, which can translate to more money on tips.


Safer driving leads to better gas mileage. Drivers who don’t overuse their brakes, gun accelerations, or drive at erratic speeds have reported weekly fuel savings of as much as $20 per week.

Less Wear & Tear

Veteran drivers that have used DriveScore® feedback to drive safely and improve their performance report less wear and tear on brakes and tires. That’s important because longevity of vehicles can be just as important as fuel economy when it comes to overall efficiency and related costs.

Peace of Mind

Drivosity provides a defense from community complaints about reckless delivery drivers. Some managers have reported that over 50% of community complaints about reckless delivery drivers are unfounded, and Drivosity helps validate when drivers are doing the right thing.

Unlike many other fleet management systems, Drivosity doesn’t add tasks for drivers to remember, like using their phone to input when they arrive or leave a pick up or delivery location. Instead, Drivosity uses specialized GPS technology to track delivery stages automatically without requiring driver interaction. In addition, our technology doesn’t require use of personal cell phones and data plans.

In most use cases, Drivosity partners with HTH to embed our device within branded car toppers that delivery operations are already using. Drivosity toppers use cordless, battery photosensor technology so that drivers don’t have to remember to thread power cords to cigarette lighters or to turn on the sign lighting when it gets dark out. Other non-branded device options are also available for high crime areas or company-owned vehicles.

At minimum, accidents can temporarily put drivers out of work. The severity of the accident, vehicle damage, and potential personal injuries typically impacts the length of time that a driver will not be able to earn a wage. Drivosity has been shown to reduce the frequency and duration of accidents.

Experienced drivers know that the responsibility of professional delivery driving includes safe, fast and efficient deliveries. These drivers report that “Drivosity levels the playing field” by providing performance insight and incentives on all delivery objectives, not just delivery times. Testing shows that aggressive driving can only improve arrival times by about 90 seconds, due to traffic lights timed to speed limits and the frequency of stop signs in last mile delivery. However, speeding violations, hard accelerations, hard braking and hard cornering that accompanies aggressive driving styles can increase the likelihood of an accident by as much as 450 times over a driver driving within a safe DriveScore® range. Experienced drivers know that 90 seconds is not worth personal injury to self and others, multi-million dollar lawsuits against the brand they work for, or in worse cases, putting their employer out of business.

GPS tracking helps your team know if and when you are in need of help. Drivosity’s Driver Inspire Display flags drivers who have been stopped for extended periods of time, and the “Find Me” location sharing feature has helped save the lives of drivers who became incapable of calling for help because of medical conditions or armed robbery.

Criminals often view delivery drivers as easy targets for vehicle theft and robbery. Drivosity’s GPS technology has helped recover stolen toppers, vehicles, and has even helped to bust chop shops.

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