Track your delivery force in real-time

With Drivosity, managers and operators can easily track and monitor fleet vehicles during a trip.

Drivosity’s Driver Inspire Display shows:

  • Vehicle’s live location (device available to track company owned and non-owned vehicles)
  • Up-to-the-minute traffic patterns
  • How many units in the fleet are still at the home base 
  • DriveScore® 


Drivosity provides various device options to fit different business applications,  so that drivers do not need to use their personal cell phones for tracking:

HTH Toppers Powered by Drivosity GPS. In partnership with HTH Inc., the leading car sign maker in the United States, Drivosity can be integrated into the car toppers that you’re already using.  Toppers are cordless, battery operated, and include a photo sensor to auto-illuminate in dim lighting.

Drivosity Stand Alone -We offer a stand alone tracking device to customers in need of a non-branded, low profile GPS tracking option.  This device is magnetic and can be installed inside or outside the vehicle. The Drivosity Stand Alone option is also frequently used for high crime areas or for vehicles that can’t support car toppers. Because of its versatile and compact design, our stand alone option is also used for bike deliveries.

Drivosity OBD – Drivosity’s OBD II is a convenient and discreet vehicle GPS tracking device that plugs into a vehicle’s OBD II port for easy installation. The OBD ii tracker installs within seconds and runs itself. It is a great option for high crime areas were minimizing visibility is desired or for instances where toppers can’t be supported.

Additional Features

Our complete topper and charging wall system also features:

  • Geek Squad Installation
  • Magnetic wall and walk-in freezer mounts for topper storage and charging

Most Accurate Speed limits in the Industry

Every speed limit on every road of customer delivery areas are validated with a unique speed limit validation process. Drivosity empowers businesses to objectively evaluate and incentivize performance with confidence that DriveScores®  are based on the most accurate speed limit data in last mile delivery.

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