Enhance Productivity with More Transparent Deliveries

Drivosity monitors routes taken, vehicle stop times, locations and driving behaviors. This adds transparency as to where, when and how drivers are completing their delivery routes. As a result, Drivosity provides operators with actionable insights to better manage every aspect that may impact delivery times to customers. 

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” –Peter Drucker

Drivers perform to their best standards when they are empowered with analytics and specific data on their performance. These features work to increase driver and operational efficiency resulting in:

  • Less Out of Scope Activities by Drivers
  • Up to an 18% Reduction in Extended Stops
  • Increased Deliveries per Hour 
  • Faster Service Times
  • Improved Order Assignment for Delivery Management

In-Depth Reporting Features

Our reporting options are flexible and can be customized to show statistics for drivers that provide insight into productivity and efficiency. Reports can be run for custom time periods and are sortable by category. Each report can be exported as an Excel file or printed. 

Trip Review

Once a driver returns to the store, a trip will be created. This report will show you where members of your fleet stopped, the route they took, and where points were lost on their DriveScore®.


Run a report that shows which driving habits are being broken, and by whom. The incident report is a great feedback tool for drivers to tell them which of our four habits they break the most often. This report also allows drivers who excel at different habits to be recognized for their safety.


Drivosity logs hours on the road and at the home base. This allows us to display labor statistics that over time can help to give business owners an idea of driver efficiency.


Every time a driver leaves the home base, a DriveScore® will be generated. These scores will average together and can be viewed at many different levels of aggregation. This report can show, over a custom time period, which drivers are inspiring safer driving behavior.


With Drivosity’s To-The-Door-Tracking, customers who place online orders can track their drivers’ live location. Our To-The-Door console also provides management with unique statistics that provide insight into delivery operations. 

  • Out-The-Door-Time: The time between when an order is placed and when it’s assigned to a driver.
  • Seatbelt Time: The time between when the order is assigned to a driver and when that driver leaves the store’s geofence.
  • Drive Time: The time between the driver leaving the store and arriving at their delivery location.
  • Customer Service Percentage: All three time splits in the delivery journey add up to the total time a customer has waited for their pizza after they’ve placed an order. 
  • At-The-Door-Time: The time a driver spends at their delivery location.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

With Drivosity, if a customer calls for an update, operators can easily look at the in-store display monitor and provide an accurate description of current location and estimated time of arrival. Our system improves management of deliveries and increases customer satisfaction by ensuring:

  • Food arrives on time and in optimal condition for consumption
  • Customers are aware of external factors that can affect delivery time
  • Customers know exactly where their food is and when it will be delivered*

Find out how Drivosity can help you better manage every aspect of your food delivery business.