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Drivosity’s solutions increase productivity, inspire safer driving and reduce operating costs related to your delivery business.
Our system also helps protect profit margins against rising auto insurance and labor costs, while helping you increase customer loyalty with fast, consistent and transparent deliveries.

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Live GPS Tracking

Stay informed on your drivers’ exact location and gather accurate data on traffic patterns, trip distance, speed, road closures, and driving behaviors.

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Drivosity uses state-of-the-art technology that allows operators to evaluate and understand how outside factors may impact delivery times, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Monitor and quantify risk behaviors to improve driver safety, reduce accidents and save lives. Drivosity has been proven to reduce delivery accidents in fleets by up to 90 percent.

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Our approach to GPS tracking, driver empowerment and customer engagement accelerates the continued growth and operational excellence for some of the most successful brands in the food delivery industry. Contact us at sales@drivosity.com or click below to learn more.